Alcohol Use and Abuse Withdrawal

Though an alcohol addict willing to take up treatment for his or her addiction is a great sign, he or she must understand that the journey is not easy. The symptoms relating to withdrawal are not easy, and in some cases, they are so painful that it could even lead to the addict withdrawing the treatment. The initial stage of an alcohol addiction treatment is the most difficult. Once an individual crosses this stage, getting through the rest of the treatment should be a breeze.

There are several alcohol withdrawal symptoms and the intensity levels could also be on different scales; some of them could be mild and some other symptoms could be quite severe. The severity of the symptoms majorly depends on the level of alcohol addiction.

If a person has been using alcohol for several years, then the withdrawal symptoms could be very painful. The ones who have gotten addicted to alcohol in the recent past would most probably experience mild withdrawal symptoms. Some symptoms relating to serious alcohol addicts could be so severe that it could even lead to death.

Alcohol Use and Abuse Withdrawal

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Mild alcohol cravings

Some people could even have hand-trembling symptoms. These symptoms can also have a major impact on one’s eating habits and taking meals to one’s satisfaction would not be that easy. Vomiting and nausea are the most predominantly observed alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

Some of the major symptoms of alcohol withdrawal are involuntary movements of the body, tremors, dilated pupils, etc. If a person has these major symptoms, then it is imperative that the addiction treatment is undertaken in a hospital or medical center where these symptoms could be addressed by medical professionals promptly. People with such major symptoms would also get a constant fever and they may also get into the world of hallucination quite often. If a person is under professional medical care, then these symptoms could be gone within a few days.

professional-medical-DeToxIrrespective of the intensity levels of the symptoms, addicts who have been under the influence of alcohol for quite some time are recommended to take refuge in a hospital or medical center. There are chances of heart attacks during the initial stages of the treatment, and the absence of skilled medical professionals could lead to the death of the patient.

Most of the physical withdrawal symptoms from alcohol abuse start showing up within 12 hours after the last sip of alcohol, and they would be most dominant during the second and third day of the treatment. Some of the mild symptoms like fatigue, insomnia, etc. would be observed for a few months post treatment. Most of the alcoholics drink to get rid of their mental and emotional problems, and it is rightly believed that the addiction treatment would give great levels of comfort and wellness to the emotional and psychological side of the person.

For best results, it is better that the person remains in the center for a few months. Once this period is over, the addict can leave the center but would be required to visit the center regularly and get updated on his condition. Though it is great news that alcohol addicts have treatments to get rid of their problem, the presence of a treatment should never serve as a motivating factor to indulge in drinking in the future.

It is highly recommended to receive professional help with this, no matter how much the individual wants to tough it out, as it can be hazardous to their health. With the right help, the process is manageable, and much more comfortable. Some want to feel the experience to never want to go through it again, but the thing is, those with alcohol addiction have a tendency to forget how bad an experience was, often from the previous day, as they may leave the jail cell and head into a bar.